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FREE and unlimited Use us as frequently or as rarely as you need. Order as many completes as you want. Use as many questions as you think your list will tolerate (for the record - we're against torturing survey takers wherever they come from). AYTM will remain free and unlimited for you to survey your list. Stats and hosting are included. Start now»
Theme Editor Surveys don't have to be boring. In fact, they can be beautiful and elegant, expressing your respect to your respondents' time and their user experience. Highlight your branding by uploading your logo, & tagline, choose the page background & colors that better fit your corporate identity. Play with it»
Stat reports Enjoy and take advantage of our state-of-the-art stat reports. It's design to give you a quick and intuitive access to deep slicing and dicing of the survey data, featuring many chart options, maps, colors and much more. Export to PDF, EXEL, CSV or PPT, share the stats with anyone using secure URL or embed the stats widget to your blog. For FREE!
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Link/Embed/Facebook We won't ask for the actual e-mail addresses of your list. Instead we offer you 3 convenient ways to launch your surveys. Get the short link and distribute via e-mails, IMs, twitter etc. Example» Get embed code and place the survey right on your blog/Web page Example».Or run your survey right on Facebook. See example»
12 Question types Flexibly create your survey with 12 question types. Choose anything from simple radio buttons to the sliders, star ratings, reorder and open ended questions. Make your surveys more engaging by adding images and videos. get complex datasets by asking simple cascading comboboxes (e.g.: Make/Model/Trim/Year).
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Skip logic Design your surveys smart. Show only relevant questions based on how respondents have answered previous questions. Using our intuitive skip logic feature create parallel flows in your survey, divide and reunite the respondents to keep them engaged and get maximum insights from their time. Read more»
Auto traits Want to know the income level or education of your respondents but not sure how to ask? Simply enable trait questions on the target market page and decide to open the survey with them or append at the tail of your survey. We have them prewritten and integrated as filters to your stat reports. Play with it»
Pass variables Do you have some information about every respondent such as their user ID, account type, membership status etc.? You can pass such information through the survey URL and get it appended to their answers without the need to ask them again in the body of the survey. Read more»
Limit by IP/browser Get a better distribution by limiting the number of completes to accept from the same IP or same browser preventing same respondent to skew the results. Alternatively, set to unlimited to enable your agents to take any number of surveys on the same tablet/booth at an event.
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Blazing Fast Turnaround We'll interactively tell you when your survey will be completed as you define your target market. More than that - we'll guarantee that it'll be done by a certain time. When you launch your survey it's immediately deployed to the qualified members of our consumer panel. Vast majority of surveys are completed under 72 hours while shortest surveys take only 15-30 minutes to complete.
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Reach 20,000,000+ Whether you are trying to define your target market or need to interview a known type of consumers, you'll find relevant audience in the 25MM+ consumers Worldwide that we have available 24x7x365. With our state-of-the-art targeting modular you'll have no problem reaching them.
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$0.95+/complete Our pricing is simple. You pay per relevant survey complete which starts at only $0.95 for a survey in US/$0.75+ for a Global survey of 10 questions. Every complete comes with 10 standard traits regardless of targeting. You'll see price increase as you restrict your target audience, add more questions or extra features.
You always see the price of your survey before launching.
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Targeting This is one of the best things about aytm. Use 10 demographic traits: age, gender, income, education, ethnicity, relationship status, employment, career, kids & location (to the level of county in USA). Add up to 3 Prequals from 2000+ House Tags or come up with your custom prescreener.
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Delivery Guarantee We guarantee that your DIY survey will be completed by the quoted deadline if you launch it within the specified timeframe. We provide you with a real-time update on the price and time to fulfill your study pulling from our proprietary panels and going above and beyond to make tricky requests possible. We keep you appraised of the cost and feasibility every step of the way. You don't even have to create an account to play with it»
Demographics are included Regardless of your targeting criteria we'll supply 8-10 main traits for every respondent who took your survey. You'll have a rich and reliable background information behind every complete: age, gender, income, education, ethnicity, relationship status, employment, career, kids & location. Use it to export and filter your results. Best of all - it comes standard without any surcharges.
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Nested quotas If it's important for you to get to the nationally representative sample, enable the quotas. That will divide the sample into buckets to mimic Census data. For example, if gender quota is enabled for USA, we'll make sure to collect about 48% of males and 52% females. Up to 2 nested quotas can be enabled at a time.
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2000+ House Tags We know a lot about our panel members. In fact we carry over 2000 data points on the panel. We know if they like beer, what version of smartphone they have in their pocket and what bank they use. iPad owners who like sushi? No problem! We provide you with the power of super detailed profiling to get to the relevant panelists faster.
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Custom Prequals When you have a very specific target audience in mind you might find even our 2000+ House Tags limiting. For those cases we give you an option to use Custom Prequalification questions (up to 3 actually) to allow precisely relevant group of people to enter and complete your survey.
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Professional Survey Edits There is an old saying that a wisely put question contains half of an answer. On the flip side there are quite a lot of mistakes that one can make creating a survey. Get a peace of mind and let our experts take your input and use it to create meaningful balanced survey following your goals and best practices.
Advanced Survey Analysis Creating a great survey, properly targeting and fielding it is just 2/3 of the success. Extracting the right insights from the data is an art and a science that requires a lot of experience and skills. Our Research Specialists will slice and dice the stats for you, perform crosstab analysis to make sure you get maximum value out of your study.
Custom report & presentation When data is analyzed it's time to deliver the results and explain them in a way that would give you actionable insights. In addition to the raw data and interactive stats page you'll receive a PPT presentation and a researcher from our team will walk you through the findings so that you fully appreciate the elegancy and thoroughness of our solution.
Fast turnaround We understand that you are on a tight deadline. We all are. The Expert solution is designed to streamline the process, remove all unnecessary back and fourths and deliver your report as quickly as possible without compromising the results. We do our best to turn most surveys around within 7 business days.
Survey Programming We don't encourage long surveys. Our platform was built with ease of use and customer experience in mind. However sometimes surveys can get quite complicated with many question types, skip logic, custom randomization etc.
If you have a draft but don't have much time, we'll do the legwork for you.
Aytm Seal of Confidence We stand behind the quality of our Expert studies. In fact we go as far as putting a Seal of Confidence on the surveys that were ran by our experts and approved by clients without changes. Such Seals have a unique ID with a link that opens a digital certificate page hosted on our servers to verify the authenticity of the Seal and confirm the qualities of your study.
  • Adeo Ressi Ask Your Target Market has created an impressive self-service target market research platform that anyone can afford. We are excited to make AYTM the market research tool of choice for our startups and now strongly encourage Founder Institute companies to utilize it. Adeo CEO
  • Elena Sukacheva It's a super-quick way to take the pulse of what consumers are thinking. An intuitive interface, flexibility to define your target and create open or close-ended survey. Fancy looking analytics at your fingertips, with the ability to play with and cut the data any way you want. A brilliant site. Elena SukachevaKraft Foods Beverages Sr. Director of Strategy

AYTM keeps reinventing the world of market research by bringing the power of consumer insights to everyone.

"Ask Your Target Market is an exciting product! I think I'm going to use it to make sure I'm providing the type of content to my listeners that they want to hear."
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Before we launched in 2009, reliable market research was out of reach for almost everyone except corporate giants. Not only was research expensive and time-consuming, it required in-house or outside expertise to develop, analyze and present in a way that everyone could understand and act on.

AYTM's break-through technology and proprietary, global consumer panel have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art market research using our turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.

Now, you can make confident business decisions based on facts and consumer insight. AYTM keeps reinventing the world of market research by bringing the power of consumer insights to everyone.