Hurricane Irene Survey: Storm Not as Bad as Expected

Over the weekend, people up and down the east coast planned for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Over 40 people have died as a result of the storm, many lost power for days, and quite a few areas are still flooded. That being said, many who experienced the storm are saying it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be.

hurricane irene

Irene’s Reach

Hurricane Irene first hit land in the US around the Carolinas, and then up in New England. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 14.8% of respondents were affected by the storm in some way. But the remaining 85.3% said the storm didn’t affect them whatsoever.

East Coast Effects

People were affected in many different ways by the storm. 52.5% said that they prepared for the storm beforehand. 35.6% said they experienced flooding in their home or area. 33.9% said they lost power at home or work. 13.6% said there was damage to their home. 10.2% said their travel plans were either cancelled or delayed. And no respondents said they felt the storm was bad enough to leave town for the weekend.

Even though many experienced damage, flooding and loss of power, 52.5% said the storm was not as bad as they expected. 33.9% said it was about as bad as they expected, and 13.6% said it was worse than they originally expected.

Everyone Else

Though most Americans weren’t directly affected by Irene, they definitely knew about the storm. 93.5% of respondents heard about Hurricane Irene from the news or internet, and 26.4% also heard about it from friends or family on the east coast. Only 3.2% of respondents hadn’t heard of Irene.

Irene might not have been as bad as some anticipated, but it certainly left its mark on the east coast. Recovery efforts are currently underway in many areas, so we can only hope that this is the worst Hurricane we’ll see this season.

Photo Credit: Hurricane Irene Reaches New York City from Flickr


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2 Responses to Hurricane Irene Survey: Storm Not as Bad as Expected

  1. Tony says:

    Whether or not it was a bad storm, I liked how our country got together and was ready for whatever came to us. I think we learned from Katrina that we need to do something about it before it hits. I was highly impressed with how everything was handled..even though it was not a big impact at all where we were.

  2. Zooey says:

    We thought it would be worse than it really was. I live in South Georgia and we were expected to get horrible weather, yet when the day came that it was to hit changed directions and we just had a few inches of rain. I felt though that since we were all very aware of the situation before hand, we were able to brace for whatever came to us. In this case, it was better safe than sorry. 

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