Netflix Survey: Subscribers Happy with Overall Experience

Netflix, a subscription-based entertainment provider, delivers movies and television shows to millions of subscribers each day. Through on-demand streaming and DVD delivery, the California-based company has grown steadily since its launch in 1997. So what keeps drawing in new subscribers to Netflix?



In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 29.7% of respondents said they currently subscribe to Netflix. Of those subscribers, 34.7% said they watch it more often than regular TV or any other type of entertainment. 26.4% said they watch it about as often as they watch TV, and 35.5% said they watch it less often than they watch TV. Only 3.3% of subscribers said they rarely ever watch Netflix.

So what do people enjoy about their Netlix subscriptions? 65.3% of respondents said they were satisfied with the variety available via streaming, while 31.4% said they were unsatisfied. 71.1% said they were satisfied with the variety available on DVD, while only 7.5% said they were unsatisfied. Delivery time for DVDs is another crowd pleaser, with 73.5% who are satisfied and only 7.5% who are unsatisfied. Price, picture and sound quality, and customer service also received high marks from respondents. So it’s not surprising that 74.4% of Netflix users said they are satisfied with their overall experience, and only 9.1% said they are unsatisfied.


So what about the other 70.3% of respondents who do not currently subscribe to Netflix? Of those respondents, 31.5% used to subscribe but no longer do, 62.9% are aware of Netflix offerings but have never subscribed, and 5.6% were never aware of Netflix offerings.

The most common reason for not subscribing was price, which was selected by 38.5% of respondents. Another 34.3% said they have simply never considered subscribing. Only 9.8% selected lack of variety or options, 7% said they use a similar entertainment provider instead, and 3.8% were never aware of Netflix.


Whether through Netflix, TV, movies, live theater, or online videos, Americans love being entertained. 10.8% of respondents said they spend over 40 hours per week on entertainment, 16.5% spend 26-40 hours per week, 30.2% spend 11-25 hours per week, and 36.6% spend 1-10 hours per week. Only 5.9% said they don’t spend any time on entertainment.

The way Americans watch TV and movies is constantly changing. Netflix currently has a large subscriber base and pretty high customer approval ratings. Will more and more people begin using it as their primary entertainment source?

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One Response to Netflix Survey: Subscribers Happy with Overall Experience

  1. Jordan Gimble says:

    I like Netflix – or should I say, I LIKED Netflix. But their new plan packaging is a total rip-off! I’ve been a subscriber for years and all of a sudden they just decided that their streaming service and DVD rental service would be two different plans. This is great for someone that just wants to stream and doesn’t care about the DVD rentals, but the streaming selection is not nearly as comprehensive as what they offer on DVD.

    And sure, the obvious choice, then would be just to go with the DVD rentals.  But really, it’s the principle (though I do use the streaming service, as well) – I’ve been a loyal customer, have recommended the service to friends, and then they go and change their plans without a chance for customers like me to continue with their current services at the same price. I’ve dropped Netflix and though I’ll miss it, I’m glad I did.

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