Spam Text Messages Survey: Many Interested in New Reporting Service

Unsolicited text messages from businesses, campaigns, and scammers are not just annoying, but they’re also illegal. Now, all of the major wireless carriers in North America have started a centralized spam-reporting service that can collect data from reported spam text messages and take action against the offenders. Are many Americans interested in this type of reporting service?

spam text messages

Spam Texts

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 25% of respondents said they receive spam text messages fairly often. Another 38% of respondents said they have received at least one spam text message before. 16% said they have never received a spam text, and 22% said they do not have a phone that can receive text messages at all.

Reporting Spam

Just 5% of respondents who’ve received spam texts said they report the number. 75% said they do nothing or delete the message. 30% said they unsubscribe or block the number. And 5% said they respond or follow the instructions in the text message.

75% of respondents who’ve received spam texts said they weren’t even aware that those types of texts were illegal. And 94% said that they would report the number if there was an easy way to do so.

Text Alerts

However, not all texts from businesses or organizations are illegal. Many sign up to receive alerts via text. Just 5% said they receive text alerts from many different companies or campaigns. And 24% said they receive text alerts from one or two companies. 71% said they prefer not to receive any texts from businesses.

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Results were collected on April 10 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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