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3 Responses to Brand Promise Refresh for Petco Brings New Logo and Tagline

  1. Franky Hardigan says:

    Personally, I had no idea PETCO had changed their branding or their logo in any way. And if you ask me, one pet store is just as good as another (in terms of quality and variety of products). However, I will say that one thing I do like about going to PETCO is their store (at least the location I frequent) is unique in that so many owners actually bring their pets into the store with them. One thing that I think makes PETCO pretty unique – that open door pet policy. You just don’t see that in other stores. I’ve been on an aisle with my Xolo and on the other end is a Bull Mastiff. It’s a nice change of pace to come in and meet other pet owners and their companions.

    Perhaps that’s what PETCO’s next rebranding project should feature…

    PETCO: where the real customers come
    PETCO: where the pets take their owners

    Maybe work a shopping cart into that logo…

    • Franky, Your absolutely right. There is little differentiation between Petco and other pet stores. The AYTM research results support that, too. There is little reason for most consumers to go out of their way to visit a Petco at this point since to most consumers pet stores are easily interchangeable.

  2. ivoryink says:

    Thank you for the survey, it is much more informative than someone’s personal blog rant about a new logo. I didn’t notice the new brand identity until we started a job designing one of their corporate events this week (TWO YEARS later!). I wouldn’t call it a new brand identity, more like a new version of an old brand identity. If you are a company like petco that has a fierce competition for customers with companies like Petsmart, maybe something like changing your logo colors would differentiate your company! Red and Blue. red and blue. As a pet owner, I have a member card to one of these companies, but I always forget which one it is. To make it worse, our local petco and petsmarts are in the same commercial shopping area. As a graphic designer, I take particular notice to logo changes like when Ikea changed their font from futura to Veranda- I spotted it right away. This new ‘brand identity’ is not noteworthy or different. I new tagline is nice, but not it is not extraordinary or particularly noticeable. On a personal note: using the word healthy does rub me the wrong way. Anyway, I am largely disappointed in this ridiculously expensive new brand identity. Also: the three local petco stores here have not changed their external signs, signs of a less-than-successful go at a re-branding??

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