Does Graphic Design Matter To Small Business? [Infographic]

With the the growing notion that graphic design is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of companies, our friends from 99designs recently used AYTM to gather insights directly from the people that are actually running small businesses and deciding how much emphasis to place on design work.

Armed with stats from the survey, they put together a great infographic to answer the question ‘Does Design Matter?’

Be sure to read 99designs’ Startups and Other Small Businesses Expect Design to Become Increasingly Important to Their Success for more information on the survey findings.

Lev is the CEO and Co-founder of - Ask Your Target Market, the leading innovator in DIY online market research. Having a graphic design background, Lev is an expert in UI/UX with over 15 years of experience. Prior to AYTM, Lev worked with such clients as Oracle, Tiffany & Co, Maserati, Harry Winston, Whole Foods Market, and Jamba Juice helping them build their brands and multimedia/web applications.
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  • I got confused in two things, Google has been included in both best and worst logo design, how is it possible? Similarly Facebook has been listed in both best and worst website design! Totally contradictory!

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  • I think for every business graphics design is important as now a days if anyone want to sell something in internet then images will catch the customers.

  • Well, graphic design and image editing both are really important for any business. You can’t let your customer/audience see any fault on your business images. Logo, marketing design, advertising, video making everything is dependent on graphic design. Well, there’s no business without graphic design.

  • Thank you for the info-graphic. It is great to see something new to do as far as the tuts go. Sometimes they are always the same!

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