Amazon Fire TV Survey: Not Many Own Similar Devices

Amazon just announced the release of its latest streaming and gaming device, Amazon Fire TV. The device enables HDTVs to access internet programming like its Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service. How many people are interested in the new device and in video streaming in general? And how might video streaming be impacting more traditional cable TV?

amazon fire tv

Video Streaming

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 22% of respondents said that they stream movies or TV shows daily. 19% said they stream TV and movies a few times per week. 18% stream video about once a week or every few weeks. 18% said they rarely stream video. 17% said they never stream video. And 7% said they don’t have access to a device with video streaming capabilities.

Of those who do stream video, 77% said they normally use a computer. 26% said they use their TV to stream video. 22% use a gaming console for video streaming. 14% said they use a blu-ray player to stream video. Just 9% said they use a device dedicated to video streaming like the Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. And 8% said they use other devices like smartphones and tablets to stream video.

Amazon Fire TV

So not many people currently own streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV. But could this latest release change all that? Just 9% of respondents said they would definitely be interested in purchasing a voice controlled video streaming and gaming device from Amazon. 28% said they would probably be interested in purchasing the Amazon Fire TV. 36% said they probably would not be interested in such a device. And 27% said they definitely are not interested.

Cable TV

All of these devices and video streaming services have definitely had an impact on the way people watch TV. But has it really impacted how many consumers continue to carry cable service? 47% of overall respondents said they watch cable TV daily. 11% watch it a few times per week. 10% watch cable TV once per week or a few times per month. 7% said they rarely watch cable TV. 6% never watch it. And 19% of respondents said they don’t have cable TV access. Those who stream video regularly were 3% more likely to also have cable access.

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Results were collected on April 3 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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