American Made Survey: Most Want to Buy American Products Without Extra Costs

Apple recently announced that it would begin manufacturing some of its Mac computers in America rather than overseas. How many American consumers will go out of their way to purchase American made products, and how many even pay attention to where their products come from?

american made

Making Purchases

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 16% of respondents said that they always pay attention to where the products they buy are made. 48% said that they sometimes pay attention to what countries their purchases come from. 27% said they rarely pay attention to their purchases’ countries of origin. And 9% said they never pay attention.

American Made

Overall, 41% of consumers said that they are definitely more likely to buy products if they are made in America. Another 39% said they are somewhat more likely to purchase American made products. 15% said they aren’t any more likely to purchase these products. And 5% said they are actually less likely to buy products that are made in America.

However, just 24% of those respondents said they would definitely pay extra to support a company that makes its products in America. Another 22% said they would pay a bit extra to buy American made products. 34% said they would consider paying a bit more depending on the product. And 20% said they definitely wouldn’t pay any extra to support companies that make products in America.

Brand Perception

But bringing manufacturing efforts back to America could mean more than just sales for Apple. 40% of overall respondents said that they definitely have an improved brand perception of companies that choose to produce products in America. Another 40% said that their brand perception of these companies is somewhat improved.

And currently, 21% said they have a very positive brand perception of Apple. Another 21% said they have a somewhat positive perception of Apple. 42% described their opinion of Apple as neutral. 13% said they have a somewhat negative perception of Apple. And just 4% said they have a very negative perception of Apple.

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Photo Credit: LA: “Keep it Made in America” tour from Flickr

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Results were collected on December 7 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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