Amy Winehouse Survey Results: Star’s Death Fueled by Public

On Saturday, fans learned about the death of musician Amy Winehouse. Though her early death seemed to take the social media world by storm, her addictions and self-destructive tendencies left very few people surprised that the star died at such a young age.
In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, only 16.6% of respondents said they were surprised by the 27-year-old’s death, 20.3% were sad, and 67.7% said they were neither sad nor surprised.

Amy Winehouse

Music, Fame, Addiction

Many of’s survey respondents thought the main reason for Winehouse’s fame was not her music. 37.5% think she was known more for her personal problems than for her music, and only 2.2% think she was known more for her music than for her personal life. 18.1% said that despite her personal problems, Winehouse was extremely talented, while 8.9% felt that she was overrated, and 9.2% said she was nothing special.
In fact, 60.3% have never even listened to her music, 25.1% said they enjoyed her music but didn’t listen to it regularly, 5.7% said they were big fans, and 8.9% said they did not enjoy her music.

Celebrity Gossip

Celebrities like Amy Winehouse and Lindsey Lohan garner so much attention from the public for their addictions and personal problems. 56.3% of respondents believe that the public contributes to problems with celebrity addictions by paying so much attention to them. However, 52.6% of respondents said they rarely follow celebrity news, and 20.1% said they never follow celebrity news. Only 12.7% said they follow celebrity news daily, and 14.6% said they follow celebrity news regularly.

Whether fueled by the public or not, addiction and substance abuse continue to destroy celebrities. Will we ever stop paying so much attention to their train wreck lives, or will celebrities continue to fall victim?

Photo Credit: Amy Winehouse from Flickr

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