Survey: Ads Not Deterring Many From Using Social Media

At one point or another, many social media users have complained about annoying ads and wished that a popular social networking site with no advertising existed. recently raised $800,000 from everyday internet users in under a month for just that purpose. But is it enough? Would more Americans be interested in donating or paying a small fee in order to make larger sites like Facebook and Twitter free from advertising?

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Social Sites

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 81% of respondents said they use social media sites. Of those users, 95% said they use Facebook. 46% use YouTube. 41% have a Twitter account. 19% have an account on Google+. Another 19% have a LinkedIn account. And 13% have accounts on other social media sites.

Advertising or Paying

Overall, 19% of social media users said they think ads have a negative impact on their social media experience. 64% said that the ads on social media sites don’t really bother them. And 18% said they don’t really notice ads on social media sites. Twitter users were slightly less likely to say that ads negatively impact their user experience, and YouTube users were a bit more likely to say that ads negatively impact their experience.

Only 3% of social media users said they would definitely donate or pay a fee in order to use social media sites without advertising. 8% said they might pay depending on the price. And 5% said they might pay depending on the site and the types of advertising it uses. 83% of social media users said they definitely would not pay in order to keep ads off of the sites they use. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ users were slightly less likely to say they’d pay for an ad-free site.

Deterring Users

Of those respondents who do not use social media sites, just 4% said that advertising is to blame. And another 4% said that advertising is part of the reason they choose not to use social media. 92% of those respondents said that ads have nothing to do with their choice to not use social media.

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Results were collected on August 16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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