AYTM Makes Research 3x Cheaper and 12x Faster, According to Origin CBI

At AYTM, it’s always rewarding hearing exactly how our platform is helping companies achieve their business goals. Above and beyond the general good ‘feels’ around this type of feedback, it also helps us evolve our platform in a way that continually sets our clients up for success.

Origin Consumer & Brand Insights (CBI) at Hill Holliday shared their AYTM success story in GreenBook’s recently published Insights That Work eBook.

They truly hit the mark when they paired their Consumer Motivation Profiling Tool with our very own MaxDiff feature. By plugging their consumer profiling expertise into our survey editor, they were able to identify consumer motivation profiles for varying car buyers at dramatically reduced costs and time.

In fact, according to Origin CBI, what would normally take them $30,000 in spend ended up a third of that price on our DIY platform. Even better, what typically takes 8-15 people and lasts anywhere from 3-5 weeks for completion was reduced to about 2 days using our automated tool.

End result—with $20,000 saved in their pockets and 2 ½ weeks to spare, they were able to focus more of their time on their clients, providing even more consumer insights at lower service rates.

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