AYTM voted a top global innovator

The GreenBook GRIT report is one of the cornerstones of the insight industry, so it was an honor to be voted by other market researchers as a GRIT Top 50 innovative supplier, debuting on the list at #43. We’re confident we’ll be moving higher up that table when it comes to the Q3 and Q4 report later this year!

GRIT Report 2016 Q1+2

It was also an honor to help GreenBook craft this latest report. Our very own CEO and co-founder Lev Mazin was responsible for the data visualization of the executive summary, while our COO, JD Deitch, also helped write it.

It was great to have such input into a report that really resonated with us.  The Q1 and Q2 report shows how vital automation is becoming within the industry, while at the same time signaling the ongoing concerns around overall sample quality—two elements that are very close to our hearts here at AYTM. In the case of sample quality, we hope the report will help galvanize the industry to take action on this perennial issue, inspiring others to meet the standards that we established back when we first started AYTM.

The GRIT report is one, if not the, most important in the research industry, so we recommend you take a look yourself. You can download your copy over at GreenBook here.