Black Friday Survey: Shoppers go for Sales, Fun

Black Friday is an early morning shopping tradition for some, but others cannot stay far enough away from the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. Do some people actually enjoy waiting in line for the best deals, or do they do it purely to save some money? And what is keeping the rest of America away?

black friday


In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 66% of respondents said they do not shop on Black Friday. Of those respondents, 67.8% said they choose not to because the stores are too crowded. 32.6% said nothing they want is that great of a deal, 15.9% said they have work or other commitments during that time, 12.2% said they’re not ready to shop yet, and 7.2% said they’re already done with their holiday shopping by the time Black Friday rolls around.

Holiday Shopping

Some Black Friday shoppers try to get basically everything they need for the holidays in one day, but others might just target one or two stores to get a few big items on sale. 33.1% described themselves as the latter, while only 2.2% said they actually complete all of their holiday shopping on Black Friday. 14% said they complete most of it, 19.9% said they complete about half of it, and 30.9% said they only even go shopping on Black Friday because it’s fun.

Black Friday

Black Friday really starts on Thanksgiving for many shoppers. 26.5% said they headed out before midnight. 16.9% went between midnight and 2 am. 5.9% went between 2 am and 4 am. 14.7% went between 4 am and 6 am. 10.3% went between 6 am and 8 am. And 25.7% went after 8 am.

Of course, 88.2% of the respondents who shop on Black Friday go because of the great deals. But 44.1% also go because it’s fun, and another 25.7% say it’s a tradition.

Will this tradition continue to wrap up more and more American families? Will Black Friday deals continue to get better and better until people just can’t say no? Or will some Americans just refuse no matter what?

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