BlackBerry Survey: Outages Not Driving Many Customers Away

BlackBerry users around the world experienced outages this week due to a backlog of messages. BlackBerry was one of the original smartphone brands in America, and remains one of the top brands, though popularity has been waning in recent years in favor of newer options like Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android platform. Could these outages have anything to do with BlackBerry’s market decline?



In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 12.5% of respondents said they currently own a BlackBerry, and another 7.5% have owned one in the past. Of these respondents, 35% said they have never experienced any outages, and 45% said they have but not very often. The remaining 20% said they often experience outages.

Pros and Cons

Despite the outages, many BlackBerry users seem to be more happy than unhappy with their service. Only 15% of users were unhappy with their overall experience, while 56.3% said they like BlackBerry’s ease of use, 56.3% like its design and visual appeal, 52.5% like its variety of apps and features, and 47.5% said its dependable.

On the other side of the coin, 42.5% said their BlackBerry device doesn’t have enough apps and features, 22.5% said its complicated to use, 22.5% said its unreliable, and 20% said its ugly. 37.5% of BlackBerry users couldn’t find anything to complain about.

Blackberry’s Future

Though many aren’t complaining about their service, there are still many new phones hitting the shelves daily that might steal customers away from Blackberry. Only 8.8% of respondents said they would definitely consider buying a BlackBerry the next time they buy a new phone. 9.8% said it’s possible, 22% said they are undecided, 23.8% said probably not, and 35.8% said definitely not. Current BlackBerry owners are more likely to buy another BlackBerry, however. 24% said they would definitely consider it and 16% said they probably would. Only 12% said they definitely would not buy another BlackBerry.

So while BlackBerry users aren’t overly disappointed with the recent outages, there are still many new phone competitors popping up daily. Can BlackBerry improve its service and stay viable in a constantly evolving market?

Photo Credit: BlackBerry trackball from Flickr

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