Campaign of the Week: Budweiser Camo Bottles Arrive in Time for Memorial Day

Budweiser has long been known for its patriotic advertising and branding campaigns. But the company is taking it to a new level this summer with a limited edition line of camouflage bottles. The bottles are supposed to honor those who have served. And the campaign kicks off just in time for Memorial Day. So how many consumers like the idea of the Budweiser camo bottles? We asked 1,000 respondents about their beer purchasing habits and then tested the new bottles to see if this unique branding campaign might make any impact.

budweiser bottles

Beer Consumers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest online survey, 5% of respondents said that they purchase beer pretty much every day. 16% buy beer a few times per week. 22% do so a few times per month. 10% buy beer a few times every three months. 11% do so less often than once every three months. And 36% said they are not beer consumers at all.

Of those who purchase beer at least on occasion, 67% said that they have tried Budweiser at some point. And 33% said they purchase Budweiser regularly, making it the most popular beer brand in terms of regular consumers.

Budweiser Camo Bottles

Overall, 21% of beer consumers said they would be certain or practically certain about choosing Budweiser for their next beer purchase. And 19% said it would be very probable. Of those who viewed the new Budweiser camouflage bottle and branding, 19% said they would be certain or practically certain about choosing Budweiser for their next beer purchase. And 21% said it would be very probable.

In addition, 67% of respondents who viewed the new Budweiser branding said they are at least somewhat likely to go to Memorial Day barbecues this year. And of those respondents, 24% said they would be practically certain about choosing Budweiser for their next beer purchase. And 25% said it would be very probable.

Budweiser Attributes

It seems that Budweiser’s patriotic branding is really sinking in with consumers, as American was one of the most popular words used to describe the Budweiser brand. Respondents also used words like classic, refreshing, taste, popular, smooth and great. Those who viewed the new camo bottles were even more likely to describe the brand as American. But the other attributes were just about as popular with those respondents.

Key Takeaways

Budweiser’s new branding campaign featuring camouflage bottles doesn’t seem likely to have much of an impact on beer consumers as a whole. In fact, people were slightly less likely to be sure about choosing Budweiser for upcoming purchases after seeing the new bottles. However, the branding did seem to have a positive impact on those who plan on attending Memorial Day events. For that reason, focusing ads on holidays like Memorial Day could be a positive strategy for the brand. It could even be a good idea to focus on things like in-store displays to target those shopping for last minute items before the long weekend. This could also apply to other summer holidays like the Fourth of July.

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Photo Credit: Budweiser by Luciano Meirelles under CC BY-SA 2.0

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Results were collected on May 23 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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