Cable TV Survey: New Technology Not Having Overwhelming Impact

A current Supreme Court case involving tech startup Aereo could change the way people watch TV. More and more people are already switching from traditional cable TV to online TV and streaming services, but a ruling could make it even easier for viewers to customize their experience beyond basic cable. So how many people regularly watch cable TV? And how has viewership already changed in recent years?

cable tv

Cable TV

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 61% of respondents said they currently have access to cable TV. That number hasn’t changed significantly over the past year; in a May 2013 survey, 60% of respondents had cable access.

Of those who currently have cable, 75% said they watch it every day. 14% watch cable TV a few times per week. 5% watch it at least a few times per month. 6% of those who have cable access said they rarely watch it. And less than 1% said they never watch cable.

New Technology

So has the new technology available had any impact on cable viewers already? 28% of cable customers said they watch cable TV less often now than they did 2 years ago. However, 30% said they watch cable TV more often now than they did 2 years ago. And 43% said their viewing habits haven’t changed over the past 2 years.

In general, 25% of respondents who have cable access said they often watch TV online or using streaming services like Netflix. 30% said they watch online or streaming TV sometimes. 20% said they rarely watch TV online. And 25% said they never do. Those who regularly watch streaming or online TV were 7% more likely to watch less cable TV now than they did 2 years ago.

Changing Landscape

What about the 39% of respondents who don’t have cable access? Could technology have an impact on their decision? Of those who don’t currently have cable access, 57% have had access to cable TV in the past. However, the most popular reason for people choosing to go without cable had nothing to do with technology, but instead with the cost. 54% said they consider cable access to be too expensive. 29% said they just don’t watch enough TV. 18% said they watch TV online or using streaming services instead of having cable. And 24% cited other reasons for their decision, such as not having access in their area.

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Results were collected on May 1 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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