Survey Results: Americans Speak Out About the Casey Anthony Trial

There is no doubt that a majority of eyes were glued to the television watching Casey Anthony in a heap of nerves before the jury. In fact, after surveying a representative sample of the US residents, AYTM reports over 50% of people have been tuned in to the mysterious and jaw dropping case of Casey Anthony on a regular basis.

You Be the Judge

There were 7 possible charges the jury deliberated last week: First-Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Manslaughter, Aggravated Child Abuse, and Providing False Information to law enforcement. This jury had to put aside the media coverage and their personal opinions to bring forth a verdict based on evidence presented to them and they did just that, shocking the nation with a not-guilty verdict.

Courtroom in Sarasota, FL

The Proverbial Bird Is Singing a Different Song

They’re not the jury so our audience can use that well known “gut feeling” to voice opinions. And that they did… within minutes of launching this survey, responses were flying in. It’s obvious we are all at the mercy of the media to “filter” information to us as we come to our own personal opinions but a survey conducted by AYTM returns a not so surprising result with 46.4% believing that she is guilty of first-degree murder and an heavily weighted 70% believing she is guilty of murder of some degree.

Guilty Guilty Guilty

AYTM’s poll also asked Americans to choose exactly what they felt she was guilty of allowing them to make multiple choices based on the charges alleged by the prosecution.

  • 46.4% believing that she is guilty of first-degree murder
  • 23.7% believed Casey committed Second Degree Murder
  • 33.1% believed Casey committed Aggravated Manslaughter
  • 51.9% believed Casey committed Aggravated Child Abuse
  • 75.3% believed Casey committed the crime of Providing False Info to Law Enforcement

Cause of Death Undetermined is Blamed for the Not Guilty Verdict

Furthermore, when asked what affected the jury’s decision making, over 71.4% of people felt it was the coroner’s inability to determine cause of death and a strong lean toward the media’s influence as well. When asked to give a star rating of the performance of the legal teams, there seemed to be a split decision regarding the performance of both the defense and the prosecution. AYTM reports 248 of the 400 people polled were either somewhat in favor or strongly in favor of Capitol punishment. It’s a good thing for Casey Anthony that Americans were not given the power to decide her fate. This leaves us wondering, do Americans really trust our judicial system?