Cell Phone Survey: Most Use Phones in Public Places

The majority of Americans own cell phones and use them on a daily basis. But there are certain situations where some people feel it is inappropriate to use cell phones. Are the stigmas about cell phone use in public changing? Or do some Americans feel that there should be regulations on cell phones in public places?

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Cell Phone Use

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 18% of respondents said they talk on cell phones in public often. 37% said they do it sometimes, 29% do it rarely, and 5% said they don’t ever use their cell phone in public. Another 12% said they do not own a cell phone.

Of those who have used cell phones in public, 79% said they have answered or made a phone call in a mall or store. 54% said they have used their cell phones in a restaurant, 52% have talked on the phone while driving, 42% have had phone conversations at parties or gatherings, and 37% said they have answered a call while having a conversation with someone in person.

Minor Annoyance

Just 11% of overall respondents said they are always annoyed when people talk on the phone in public. 17% said they find public phone conversations annoying most of the time. 55% said that public phone conversations only bother them in certain situations. And 17% said they are never annoyed by people using cell phones in public.


When asked if regulations should be put into place regarding cell phone use in certain public places such as parks, stores, and restaurants, just 11% said they think people should not be able to use their phones in such places. 30% said they feel there should be some less-strict regulations, and 60% said they don’t think there should be any regulations.

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Results were collected on March 25 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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