Cell Phone Transfers Survey: Most Satisfied With Current Providers

Wireless carrier AT&T is currently offering up to $450 to T-Mobile customers who transfer over their cell phone service and trade in their old device. This isn’t the first time a cell phone company has offered incentives to encourage transfers, but it is one of the largest in recent memory. How many mobile customers are actually interested in making a switch?

cell phone transfers

Cell Phone Service

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 23% of respondents said they currently have cell phone service through Verizon. 22% use AT&T. 12% use Sprint. 10% use T-Mobile. 25% use other cell phone providers, such as MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile. And 8% don’t have cell phone contracts.

In general, 46% said they are very satisfied with their phone provider. 47% said they are somewhat satisfied. 6% said they’re somewhat unsatisfied. And just 1% said they are very unsatisfied with their current cell phone provider. Verizon customers were the most satisfied. T-Mobile customers were the least satisfied. And Sprint and AT&T users were in between.

Switching Providers

In general, 15% of mobile users said that they would definitely consider switching providers if another provider offered $200 or more in incentives. 42% said they would probably consider making the switch. 35% said they probably would not switch carriers. And 8% said they definitely wouldn’t. T-Mobile users were just as likely to say that they would definitely switch, but 9% more likely to say that they would probably consider switching.

Cell Phone Transfers

But although many would consider it, offers like this one don’t come around very often. So how common are cell phone transfers in general? 21% of mobile users said they have switched cell phone providers multiple times in the past. 39% said they have switched providers once. And 40% of respondents said they have never switched mobile providers.

You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.

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Results were collected on January 5 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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