Campaign of the Week: Chance the Rapper Kit Kat Ad Uses Celebrity Association

With Halloween just around the corner, consumers are likely to purchase a lot of candy in the coming days. And Kit Kat is trying to appeal to those candy consumers with the help of a familiar face. Chance the Rapper stars in a humorous, Halloween themed ad campaign. Could this type of celebrity association help the Kit Kat brand? We asked 1,000 respondents about their candy buying habits and then tested part of the ad to see if it made any impact.

chance the rapper kit kat

Candy Customers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 4% of respondents said that they purchase candy daily. 13% buy it a few times a week. 39% said they usually buy candy a few times per month. 18% buy it a few times every three months. 14% buy it less frequently than once every three months. And 13% said they don’t ever purchase candy.

Of those candy consumers, 67% said they have tried Kit Kat, making it the most popular candy brand on the list, though many other candy brands were very close. However, just 35% of candy consumers said they purchase or eat Kit Kats regularly, making it one of the least popular candy brands of the options listed.

Chance the Rapper Kit Kat

Overall, 15% of respondents said they would be certain or practically certain about choosing Kit Kat the next time they purchase candy. And 24% said it would be very probable. Of those who viewed a snippet of the Chance the Rapper Kit Kat campaign, 15% also said they would be certain or practically certain about choosing Kit Kat the next time they purchase candy. And 23% said it would be very probable.

In addition, just 20% of those who viewed the Kit Kat campaign said they were familiar with Chance the Rapper. Of those respondents, though there were just 86 so the results were directional, 29% said they would be certain about choosing Kit Kat for their next candy purchase. And 31% said it would be very probable.

Brand Attributes

In general, consumers seem to see Kit Kat as a candy that is made by a trustworthy company, respectable and one that offers value. Those who viewed the Chance the Rapper Kit Kat campaign were just as likely to rank the brand highly in those same factors. But they also gave the brand a high score in terms of taste.

Key Takeaways

Celebrity association can be a powerful tool for brands. In this case, there wasn’t a lot of benefit for Kit Kat with consumers as a whole, since not many of them were familiar with the celebrity in question. That’s why highly targeted media planning can be so important in situations like this. If Kit Kat focuses their ad on niche audiences that are likely to recognize their celebrity endorser, it could be a beneficial ad campaign. But if they target a broad audience, it could potentially be a waste of advertising dollars. In addition, it could be worth noting that those who viewed the ad were more likely to give Kit Kat a high ranking in terms of taste, so simply seeing a version of the product in the campaign could have an impact that’s totally separate from the celebrity aspect of the campaign.

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Photo Credit: Kit Kat Bars for Halloween by slgckgc under CC BY 2.0

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Results were collected via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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