Climate Change Survey: Americans Moderately Concerned About Environment

Senate Democrats held an all-night talk about climate change this week. Many Americans have considered climate change to be an important issue for a number of years, but it has taken a backseat recently to other issues such as the economy. So how many Americans are still very concerned about climate change? And do they think the government has done enough to combat the issue?

climate change

Global Warming

Even though some have considered it an important issue for years, there are people who do not believe that global warming is an issue at all. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 38% of respondents said they definitely believe that global warming is happening. 35% said they believe it is probably happening. 14% said they don’t really believe in global warming. And 13% said they definitely do not believe that global warming is happening.

Climate Concerns

Of those who do believe in global warming, or climate change as it has come to be known, 37% said they are very concerned about it. 50% said they are somewhat concerned about climate change. 11% said they are not very concerned. And just 1% said they are not concerned about climate change at all.

Environmental Restrictions

Just 11% of those who believe in global warming said they believe the government is doing enough to slow or prevent it. 66% said they do not believe the government is doing enough about climate change. And 23% said they are undecided about the issue.

One aspect that has many Americans split is the environmental rules and restrictions placed on businesses. Some believe it is their responsibility to protect the environment but others argue that restrictions could hurt job growth and the economy. Overall, 33% said they definitely think there should be more environmental rules placed on businesses and organizations. 44% said there should probably be more environmental restrictions for businesses. 14% think there probably shouldn’t be any more restrictions. And 10% think there definitely shouldn’t be. Even of those who do not believe in global warming, 42% think there should be more environmental restrictions for businesses and organizations.

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Photo Credit: Climate Change Refugees from Flickr

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Results were collected on March 10 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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