Coupons Survey: Free Items Most Likely to Entice Shoppers

Coupons have long been a favorite method for bargain shoppers to find deals on their favorite products. Though there are many of new methods for couponing, like mobile apps and digital codes, traditional in-store paper coupons are still popular as well. In honor of National Coupon Month, we asked shoppers about their buying habits and favorite types of coupons. What discounts rank among the most popular? And which stores do the best job of enticing discount shoppers?


Coupon Shoppers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 13% of respondents said that they always use coupons when shopping in stores. Another 25% said they use them on most of their in-store purchases. 24% use them about half the time. 29% said they rarely ever use coupons in stores. And 10% never use them.

Online coupons are definitely growing in popularity. But according to respondents, they still have a ways to go before reaching the popularity of in-store ones. Just 8% of respondents said that they always use coupons when shopping online. 18% use them most of the time. Another 18% use them about half the time. 36% said they rarely ever use coupons for online purchases. And 21% never use them online.

Discount Types

There are, of course, many different types of discounts or perks that businesses can offer when sending out coupons to their customers. The favorite among respondents is, probably unsurprisingly, getting something for free. 52% of shoppers said that coupons that offer free items rank among their favorite offers. 46% like ones that offer a dollar amount off their total purchase. 42% like buy one (or more)-get one free type of deals, 31% like coupons that offer a percentage off their total purchase. 17% appreciate ones that offer a percentage off one item. And 14% have no preference.

Favorite Brands

There are also plenty of different types of businesses and stores that offer coupons to their customers. But there’s one industry that stands out as the most prominent. 72% of respondents said that they normally use coupons when making food and grocery purchases. 35% use them for things like clothing and accessories. 25% use them for home and office purchases. 20% use them when buying technology and gadgets. And 8% use them for other types of items like beauty products and crafts. More specifically, some of the top brands that respondents regularly use coupons for include Walmart, Kroger, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Publix and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Results were collected on September 21 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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