Debt Ceiling Survey Results: Americans Split Along Party Lines

The president and US lawmakers are desperately trying to reach a deal to raise the US debt ceiling and avoid defaulting on current US debt. Largely split along party lines, leaders have failed to reach an agreement thus far, which has caused some anxiety among everyday Americans.

Who is to blame?

It’s not just leaders who are split along party lines, Americans with different political affiliations largely disagree on who is to blame should the US default on its debt.
Those who described themselves as Democrats said they would mostly blame Congress as a whole, as well as Republicans in Congress, if a deal is not reached on time. Only 3.4% of respondents said they will blame Democrats in Congress, and 9.2% said they would blame President Obama.

52% of those who described themselves as Republicans said that President Obama is to blame, followed by 43% who would blame Congress as a whole. Only 4.7% would blame Republicans in Congress, and 20.9% would blame Democrats in Congress.

Among those who described themselves as Libertarians, Independents, and other, the majority said they would blame Congress as a whole.

US Debt Crisis

Anxiety and Personal Consequences

There are some things that people do agree on, however. 59% of the total survey respondents believe they will personally be affected by a default on US debt. This was the most common answer among Democrats and Republicans alike.

Though many Americans believe a default would lead to negative consequences, many are not losing sleep just yet. Only 3.2% of respondents said they are losing sleep due to stress, 23.4% said they think about possible consequences daily, 46.3% said they keep up with news coverage, but do not experience daily anxiety, and 27.1% said they are not worried at all.

Reaching a Deal

The US Debt crisis is one of the most serious issues facing our country today. US leaders need to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling before it is too late. Only time will tell what the outcome may be, but Americans continue to worry about possible negative consequences and hope for a timely solution.

Photo Credit: Bernanke presents state of the economy from Flickr

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