Despite Call for Christmas Music, Many Put Trees up After Thanksgiving

With the seasonal smell of peppermint in the air, avid holiday shoppers prepping for Black Friday, and the Mariah Carey Christmas album blaring in retail stores, it seems Americans are not as inclined to put up their trees before Thanksgiving despite popular belief.

AYTM surveyed 1,000 consumers in the U.S.  on when they plan to begin decorating for Christmas. The results may surprise you.

Some Go Straight from Cobwebs to Tinsel

Although Christmas cheer is in the air, 87% of respondents reported they plan to put up their tree after Thanksgiving. With many respondents, 47%, planning to keep their tree up until the New Year.


The Great Debate: Artificial Vs. Real

Although, real trees seem to line most of our stores during the holidays, over 70% of respondents report they have an artificial tree for the season, with only 29% planning to purchase a real tree. Of those still in favor of a real tree for the holidays, 11% plan to cut down their own tree from a nursery and an overwhelming 89% plan to buy a tree.


It’s no surprise that respondents care about the height of their festive tree. 65% have a medium tree (4ft-6ft) and 25% have a tree over 6ft in their home.


Deck the Halls with Decorations

When considering the types of decorations respondents plan to put up this holiday season, 89% are putting up indoor decorations, 52% putting up outdoor decorations, and surprisingly 49% making their decorations from scratch.



Amazon, Walmart and various craft stores lead in likeliness to where purchase decorations this year. With Amazon having a variety of mixed results.


The Take-Away

It has recently been reported by the Independent  that people who put up their Christmas decorations early are happier. With more people putting their decorations up after Thanksgiving and only 36% of respondents claiming they put their tree up before Halloween, some could say that happiness may not be heavy in the air this year.