Distracted Driving Survey: Distractions Getting More Prominent

Distracted driving is a huge problem for drivers today, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Especially with all of the different mobile devices and high tech automotive features available, it can be easy for even the safest of drivers to get distracted. So now, some automotive and tech companies are coming out with hands-free products or other items designed to limit distractions on the road. So how many drivers are interested in these products? We asked 1,000 respondents about their own driving habits and their thoughts on distracted driving.

distracted driving

Distracted Driving

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 85% of respondents agreed that distracted driving is a major problem. 84% think that drivers are generally more likely to be distracted now than they were just five years ago. And 72% think that automotive companies should include vehicle features that are designed to limit distractions while driving.

Driver Purchases

Currently, 74% of respondents said that they own or lease a vehicle. 8% have owned vehicles in the past. And 19% never have. Of those who have owned vehicles at some point, 7% said that they’ve purchased multiple items designed to help them limit distractions while driving. And 10% have made one such purchase. Bluetooth headsets, hands-free phones and mounted GPS devices were the most popular types of items purchased.

Future Purchases

Looking forward, 23% of respondents said they are at least somewhat likely to purchase items to help them limit distractions while driving during the next five years. Samsung, Apple, Garmin and Sony were the most popular brands listed by those respondents who are likely to make purchases related to distracted driving. In addition, 55% of those who have already purchased items intended to limit distracted driving said they’d be likely to do so again. But those respondents were actually slightly less likely to see distracted driving as a major problem.

Key Takeaways

Distracted driving certainly seems to be a big deal for a lot of consumers. But when it comes to making actual purchases to limit those distractions, it doesn’t seem like the safety angle is necessarily enough to make the sale, since those who have made purchases aren’t as likely to see distracted driving as a major issue. So for automotive or tech companies that make hands-free devices or similar features, it could be a good strategy to highlight things like convenience and ease of use, and then use the safety aspects as a secondary feature that people are likely to appreciate.

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Results were collected on November 21-27 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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