Do Not Track Survey: Two Thirds Would Take Advantage of Online Privacy Feature

It’s no secret that online advertisers take advantage of consumers’ online behavior to better target their messages. However, some feel that this can be an invasion of privacy, and it’s been suggested that a “Do Not Track” button be added to browsers so that users can prevent this kind of tracking and targeting. But how do consumers feel about the privacy issues and targeted ads surrounding the prospect of Do Not Track?

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Targeted Ads

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 33% of respondents said that they always notice online ads that are targeted toward their specific interests or browsing history. Another 42% said that they sometimes notice these targeted ads. 17% said that they normally don’t pay attention to online ads in general. And just 8% said that they notice ads but don’t see ones that are targeted to their interests.

25% of those who notice targeted ads online said that they prefer having these ads to just random ads. 17% said that they would rather just have ads that are not targeted to them at all. And 57% said they have no preference. However, 16% of respondents said they are definitely more likely to click on ads that are targeted to their online behavior. Another 44% said they are somewhat more likely to click these targeted ads. And 39% said they aren’t any more likely to click these ads.

Privacy Issues

Even though many people are more likely to click on targeted ads, 40% said that they definitely feel this sort of tracking and targeting is an invasion of privacy. Another 40% said that they feel online tracking is somewhat an invasion of privacy. Just 15% said they feel online tracking is not an invasion of privacy. And 6% had no opinion.

Do Not Track

68% of overall respondents said that they would definitely take advantage of a Do Not Track button or system if it was made available, so that they wouldn’t be able to be tracked by advertisers online. 12% said that they would not, because they want advertisers to be able to target to them. And 21% said they wouldn’t take advantage of the Do Not Track button because they just don’t care.

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Results were collected on December 2 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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