Does your personality type reveal your preferred presidential candidate?

Different brands attract different types of consumers—why should presidential nominees be any different? We couldn’t resist applying the magic of AYTM’s Personality Radar to uncover what types of people are gravitating to each presidential nominee.

We showed images of presidential candidates in a series of dynamically generated pairs, and had 1,000 registered voters choose which candidate they prefer out of each pair.

Which one of these personality types below sounds more like you?

Listed in alphabetical order by nominee surname:

Those who say Hillary Clinton is their first choice:

The Soulful Urbanites

Enjoy the cosmopolitan life on a dime: Urban residents, attend sale events

Sound a lot like a Zooey Deschanel character: Describe themselves as modern, quirky, superstitious, bashful, insecure, not puritanical

Media and tech savvy: Watch TV more than 4 hours a day, enjoy watching Netflix; use Instagram

Romantic, soulful taste in music: Listen to musicals, jazz, and R&B/soul

Those who say Donald Trump is their first choice:

The Fun-Loving Traditionalists

Seek stability with space to breathe: Homeowners, residences have acreage

Have stricter, nobler expectations of themselves and others: Christian, self-described as puritanical

Eclectic tastes in media which blend values and information with fun: Listen to Christian/religious radio, country music, and classic rock; watch A&E and the History Channel

Faith in American automotive reliability: Ford auto owners, used-automobile decision makers, own 2 or more cars/vehicles

Buck mainstream trends: Smokers, read the classifieds in newspapers, own Garmin GPS devices

Know the value of a dollar: Regularly shop at Walmart


Please bear in mind that for each description, we listed the traits that indicated greatest likelihood to prefer the associated candidate. Just because you have one of the traits listed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to vote for that candidate, all it means is that people who have that trait are likelier to prefer that candidate over the others. If you happen to prefer a candidate without sharing all (or any) of the traits, that simply means you don’t share the personality traits that indicate strongest likelihood of preferring a particular candidate.

To view the Personality Radar for this study, check it out here:

Personality Radar – Presidential Nominees


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This survey was fielded online to AYTM’s proprietary panel on Oct. 31 to 1,000 Americans who are registered voters. Fielding was census balanced for gender, household income, and region.

Photo credit: Election 2016 by DonkeyHotey under CC BY 2.0