Driverless Cars Survey: Price and Safety Both Concerning Consumers

Tech companies like Google and Apple are working on making the possibility of owning driverless cars a reality for consumers. Google has even stated publicly that it would like to bring driverless cars to the road within the next few years. But plenty of consumers still have safety concerns about the vehicles. How many would even consider owning or riding in self-driving cars early on?

driverless car

Driverless Cars

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 29% of respondents who are licensed drivers said they would be likely to buy a self-driving car if they were available on the market today. 52% said they would be unlikely to do so. And 19% were neutral. Those who currently own cars were just about as likely as those who don’t own cars to be interested in new driverless models.

Potential Drivers

It does seem, however, that some people might be more concerned about price than safety when it comes to self-driving cars. 49% said they would be likely to buy a self-driving car if they were comparable in price to regular cars. 60% said they would be likely to buy one if they were less expensive than regular cars. And 62% would be likely to buy a driverless car if they led to lower insurance rates.

Safety Concerns

But safety concerns are still an issue. Just 33% of respondents think that driverless cars would be just as safe as cars driven by humans. 35% said they would feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car. And 31% said they would feel comfortable letting their children or loved ones ride in a self-driving car.

But there could be a fairly easy fix to making more people feel comfortable with the safety of driverless cars. 67% of respondents said they would be likely to buy a self-driving car if the car allowed them to take over the driving in certain situations.

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Photo Credit: Driverless car journey ends in Shanghai from Flickr

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Results were collected on April 6 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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