Earth Day Survey: Most Try to Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Americans celebrated Earth Day yesterday, but while some had specific activities in mind for the holiday, others have simply been trying to be more environmentally conscious throughout the rest of the year. How many Americans are trying to improve their environmental habits and reduce their carbon footprint?

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Environmental Habits

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 19% of respondents said they consider themselves to be very environmentally conscious. 59% said they consider themselves to be somewhat environmentally conscious. 17% said they are not very environmentally conscious. And 5% said they are not environmentally conscious at all. These numbers haven’t changed much since an April 2012 survey, when 16% said they were very environmentally conscious, and 62% said they were somewhat environmentally conscious.

22% of respondents said that they have definitely adopted more environmentally friendly habits and behaviors throughout the past year. Another 54% said that they have tried to improve their environmental habits over the past year. And 24% said they have not improved their environmental habits at all over the past year.

Eco-Friendly Activities

So what exactly do Americans do to try and be environmentally friendly? 77% of overall respondents said that they recycle. 71% said they have tried cutting back on energy use. 43% said they avoid driving whenever possible. 39% use high efficiency appliances. 34% use other types of eco-friendly or recycled products. 28% said they drive vehicles with good gas mileage. 24% said they have cleaned up outdoor areas in their city or town. 6% said they drive hybrid or electric vehicles. And 5% said they have other types of eco-friendly habits such as composting and reusing old items. Just 6% of respondents said they don’t have any eco-friendly habits at all.

Earth Day Celebrations

More specifically, just 11% of respondents said that they did something specific to celebrate Earth Day this year. Another 18% said that they have celebrated Earth Day in the past. In the April 2012 survey, just 10% said they celebrated Earth Day last year.

This year, 67% of those Earth Day celebrations consisted of people planting trees or other greenery. 51% said they cleaned up outdoor areas in their city or town. 28% said they taught others about eco-friendly habits. And 16% said they celebrated in other ways such as attending Earth Day events.

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Photo Credit: Earth Day Expo from Flickr

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Results were collected on April 22 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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