Tracker Transformation E-book: Managing Stakeholders

At AYTM we have a passionate commitment to quality research; research that is truly impactful to our client’s bottom line. We understand that survey research is at a crossroads, but rather than distance ourselves from the challenges, or pretend these challenges are not happening at all, we want to be part of the change.


In an effort to provide our clients and the broader industry the resources and knowledge to make the much needed changes, we’ve been publishing our e-book Managing Change in Trackers and Normed Studies. So far we’ve covered the reason for change, the changes you need to make to project management, and methodology to ensure your tracker studies are providing the data you need to make meaningful change.

This week we explore the most challenging aspect of change, which is managing that transformation. Managing the non-research aspects of the change, namely the political and corporate implications, can be incredibly difficult. In our experience, these issues  will at some point dominate the discussion. This chapter is devoted to managing optics and crossing the corporate minefield.

Download chapter four hereOver the previous weeks, we’ve released the following chapters:

You’re also welcome to download the full e-book, which includes Chapter 5: But What About…? (The most frequently asked questions about going through a change of this nature)