Economic Outlook Survey: Focus Shifting Away from Job Market

Many people agree that the US economy is in recovery mode, however slowly that recovery may be happening. Unemployment rates are falling around the country, businesses are finding more ways to obtain funding, and other economic factors are slowly coming together. But that progress might not be enough for some people. How do people feel about the current state of the economy and about the potential for improvement?

economic outlook

Economic Outlook

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 41% of respondents said they are very concerned about the current state of the economy. 43% are somewhat concerned about it. 13% said they aren’t very concerned about the economy. And 4% said they are not concerned at all.

Looking forward, just 8% of respondents said they feel the economy is definitely heading in the right direction. 36% feel it is somewhat headed in the right direction. 39% do not think it is really heading in the right direction. And 18% said the economy is not headed in the right direction at all. There’s a slight improvement in those numbers since last year. In a January 2014 survey, 8% said they felt the economy was definitely headed in the right direction, and just 27% felt it was somewhat heading in the right direction.

Economic Factors

There are plenty of different economic aspects to be concerned about, but jobs continues to be the main one. 36% of respondents said that the job market is the part of the economy they are most concerned about. That number has gone down over the last year though. In the January 2014 survey, 43% said they felt that the job market was the most concerning aspect of the economy. So it seems that people’s concerns are now shifting to other parts of the economy.

Now, 25% said they are most concerned about the US debt. 15% are worried about taxes. 6% are worried about housing. 5% are most concerned with the success of businesses. 3% are worried about the stock market. And 11% are worried about other aspects of the economy, such as income equality and fair treatment of workers.

Eventual Recovery

Just 10% of respondents said they are very optimistic about an eventual economic recovery. 34% said they are somewhat optimistic about an eventual recovery. 28% are somewhat pessimistic. And 15% are very pessimistic about an economic recovery. 14% said they’re completely unsure.

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Results were collected on March 2 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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