Educational Technology Survey: Most Kids Use Tablets, Smartphones for Games

Earlier this month, Toys R Us introduced a new tablet made specifically for children. We already know that many children use their parents’ tablets or other mobile devices, or even have their own. But what exactly do they use these devices for? Are they mainly used as educational tools or are they also used for recreation?

educational technology

Technology Use

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 18% of consumers said they own a tablet device. Another 42% own a smartphone. 67% own a laptop computer. 16% own a different type of mobile device with internet access and/or apps.

Of those respondents, 70% said they never let children use their mobile devices. 8% said they often let their kids use devices with an internet connection. 12% said they sometimes let kids use these types of devices. 7% said they rarely let kids use these devices. And 4% said that their young children have their own online mobile devices. Just 42% of parents don’t let their kids use their internet connected devices. Those with smartphones and tablets were more likely to let children use them than those who have laptops or other devices.

Educational Technology

Of those who let their kids use online mobile devices, 33% said their kids use these devices for reading. 32% use them for educational apps or sites. 45% use them for educational games. 66% of kids use online devices for other types of games. And 8% use them for other things such as texting, phone calls, and music. Parents with tablets were more likely to let their kids use them for games, both educational and otherwise.

Parental Controls

10% of those respondents said they have very strict parental controls set on the devices their children use. 17% said they have some parental controls set. 40% said they don’t have any actual parental controls set, but they monitor use very closely. And 24% said they don’t set any parental controls.

As far as time spent on these devices, 22% said they have set very strict rules for how often their kids can use these devices. 53% said they somewhat monitor how much time their kids can spend on these devices. And 15% said they don’t really monitor time spent on these devices.

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Results were collected on September 17 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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