Email Newsletters Survey: Amount of Subscribers Holding Steady

The methods businesses use to communicate with consumers are continually evolving. But email newsletters have been a mainstay for many companies for years. While social media and mobile technology have had some impact on this market, the email newsletter remains a strong part of the online marketing mix. How many people still subscribe to email newsletters from their favorite brands? And how often do these emails actually convert into sales?

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Email Newsletters

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 35% of respondents said they currently subscribe to many different email newsletters for their favorite brands or businesses. 36% said they subscribe to just one or two different email lists. 11% said they don’t subscribe to any, but they do sometimes receive emails from brands anyway. And 18% said they don’t receive any emails from brands.

Those numbers are very similar to those from a December 2013 survey, when 36% said they subscribed to multiple email lists. 34% subscribed to one or two. 15% sometimes received them, though they didn’t subscribe. And 16% said they didn’t ever receive emails from brands. So the number of subscribers isn’t exactly declining at a rapid rate.

Subscription Benefits

There are several different types of email newsletters, and several different reasons why consumers might choose to respond to them. 80% said they subscribe to email newsletters to receive coupons or discounts from their favorite brands. 48% said they subscribe to keep up with new products or services. 30% said they subscribe just because they like the brand(s). 26% said they subscribe to receive interesting articles or content. And 22% said they subscribe to keep up with general company information.

Sale Conversions

So how often do these readers convert into actual sales? First, people would have to actually open the emails and read them. However, just 12% of subscribers said they always read the email newsletters that make it to their inbox. 39% said they read most of the email newsletters they receive. 31% said they read about half of them. 17% said they rarely read email newsletters. And just 2% said they never read them.

More specifically, just 6% said that they often make purchases because of emails they receive from brands. 58% said they sometimes make purchases because of emails they receive from brands. 27% said they rarely make purchases based on these emails. And just 9% said they never do.

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Results were collected on April 16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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