Emmy Awards Survey: Not Many Planned on Tuning In

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired last night on Fox. Actors, writers, and many others who work on primetime television were honored. It’s no secret that Americans love television, but how many of them watched their favorite shows accept awards?

emmy awards

How Much TV?

There are so many different television shows to choose from, it’s no wonder why 44.2% of respondents in Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey said they watch four or more new shows on a weekly basis. 13.6% watch three shows, 15.1% watch two shows, 6.9% watch one show, and 20.2% don’t watch any.

Which Shows?

Comedy was the most popular overall genre, with 58.1% of respondents saying they watch comedy shows on a regular basis. 51.7% said they regularly watch dramas, 35.3% watch sci-fi or fantasy, 33% watch historical or educational shows, 37.9% watch reality TV, and 22.8% watch other types of shows.

Some of the most nominated shows at the Emmy’s include: Mad Men, watched by 5.4% of respondents; Game of Thrones, watched by 7.7% of respondents; 30 Rock, watched by 7.7% of respondents; Boardwalk Empire, watched by 8.2% of respondents; Glee, watched by 14.8% of respondents; and Modern Family, watched by 15.6% of respondents.

Emmy Awards

Despite the amount of TV watched by most Americans, 67.8% of respondents said they had no desire to tune into the Emmy Awards. Only 11.8% said they would definitely tune in, and 20.5% said they would consider it.

Jane Lynch hosted the awards, where many of the aforementioned shows were honored. The evening included emotional speeches, funny skits, and awkward moments – all the basic award show staples. Are most Americans just not interested in award shows anymore? Are the Emmy’s not appealing to people in particular? Or did more people tune in than expected?

Photo Credit: Emmy graphic from Flickr

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