Facebook Password Survey: Most Wouldn’t Give Password to Employers

Employers across the country are beginning to require access to their employees’ Facebook accounts as part of a background check process or even just to monitor their activity. How do social media users feel about this? Would they allow their employer access to their accounts, or do they have something to hide?

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Social Media

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 80% of respondents said they use social media, and 95% of those respondents have a Facebook account. Other popular sites include YouTube, used by 56% of respondents; Twitter, used by 44% of respondents; Google+, used by 22% of respondents; and LinkedIn, used by 17% of respondents.

Sharing Passwords

98% of respondents who use social media believe it is not fair for employers or potential employers to require access to social media accounts or passwords. Only 20% of respondents who use social media said that they would give an employer access to their account information if it meant getting or keeping a job.

Sensitive Information

While many users say they wouldn’t give up their Facebook password or access to other social media information, 68% of respondents said they don’t ever post anything on social media sites that they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with a boss or potential employer. 26% said they sometimes post things they wouldn’t want their boss to see, and 6% said they often post things they wouldn’t want their boss to see.

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Photo Credit: Facebook Privacy Settings from Flickr

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Results were collected on March 28 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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