Facebook Trending Survey: Few Posts Would Fall Under Trending Topics

Facebook just launched a new feature similar to Twitter’s trending topics. A feed located on users’ homepages shows a selection of trending events, news items, and other topics that are widely discussed on the site. How many users are interested in such a feature? And how many notice similar features on other social media sites?

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Facebook Posts

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 16% of Facebook users said they post on the site multiple times per day. 17% said they post on Facebook every day. 16% post a few times per week. 9% post about once per week. 11% post a few times per month. 22% said they rarely post on Facebook. And just 8% said they never post on Facebook.

Facebook Trending

Just 5% of those who post on Facebook said that all of their posts could be classified as “trending,” such as major news stories or events. 15% said that most of their posts could classify as trending. 17% said that about half their posts could classify as trending topics. 40% said they rarely post about trending news or events on Facebook. And 21% said that none of their Facebook posts could be considered trending topics.

But trending features are more about giving users a way to find other posts about relevant topics. So how many are interested in having an easy way to access these topics? Just 13% of Facebook users said they are very interested in seeing a list of popular trending topics or stories on the site. 28% said they are somewhat interested in Facebook’s new trending feature. 28% said they are not very interested in seeing these trending topics on Facebook. And 31% said they are not interested in Facebook trending topics at all.

Trending Topics

But other sites like Twitter have already employed similar trending features and have shown success with them. 30% of Facebook users said they pay attention to trending topics on other social media sites. 47% said they don’t really notice or pay attention to these features on other sites. And 23% said they don’t use any social media sites other than Facebook.

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Results were collected on January 19 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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