Feature Friday: Ivan Konanykhin

Ivan Konanykhin, Statistician

This week for Feature Friday, AYTM is featuring our very own statistician, Ivan Konanykhin. Ivan, was born in Uglich Russia, and given a unique opportunity to study in the states during his Senior year of high school; his favorite subject — applied mathematics. Analytical, hard-working and adaptable are just a few words Ivan would use to describe himself. He began his fruitful partnership with AYTM in May of 2015.

Ivan Konanykhin, Statistician

Where are you from?

I was born in Uglich, Russia. I spent my senior year of high school in Bridgton, ME, as part of the AFS cultural exchange program. It was my search for higher academic excellence further that brought me to Burlingtin, VT, where I’ve received my Bachelor degree in Economics and Statistics. This was followed by 3 years in Moscow, Russia, where I fully entered the market research industry. Later, relocations took me to Wollongong, Australia where I’ve obtained Master degree in IT in 2015-2017. At the moment I reside in the Philippines on one of the larger islands.

Where did you attend school?

Most of my school years took place in Uglich, Russia. My senior year was spent as an exchange student at Lake Region High School in Naples, ME, where I was chosen as the Winter Carnival King. While there , I also enjoyed participating in the Track team, Ski team, and marching band.

Who inspires you and why?

Elon Musk and Michael Stevens from VSauce come to mind. Their actions in the direction of brighter future for humanity surely brings inspiration.

As for the professional field, I find my Stat professors Mun Son and Jeff Buzas from the University of Vermont very inspirational in the way they presented the material.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about data analytics: searching for meaningful unbiased information from various datasets. I have always found application of comprehensive methods that often yield interesting visual summaries, an interesting endeavor.

Apart from the statistics, I enjoy programming for its mathematical beauty of structured algorithms. It brings immediate satisfaction having a program smartly automate processes otherwise requiring tedious manual labor.

For the extra-work activities, I enjoy playing violin and piano, doing track and running. Traveling and discovering new places and cultures is also part of my life.

Favorite past time?

I enjoy playing violin and piano when I have access to the instruments. I also enjoy playing around with new machine learning methods, exploring current and potential capabilities in dealing with real tasks.

What is a special skill or interesting fact about you?

I find discovering new places and new cultures and important aspect of my life. I’ve greatly enjoyed my experience in the US while I was a high school senior and a university student. Thanks to the diverse and welcoming environment, I’ve been able to experience multiple aspects of American culture.

My more recent experience in Australia has enriched my life through an intimate bond with the local nature and people. I look forward to what the diversity the world has to offer!

What do you like about working for AYTM?

Lots of things. I get to focus on the statistical analysis, which I love. As the work requires both executing known routines, and constantly researching new areas of knowledge, it has given me a chance to improve academically both in depth and in width.

The collaborative, dynamic, remote communication style allows for greater flexibility in task execution. It becomes possible to detach from “bureaucratic” seasonalities related to day/night and holiday cycles, and get things done quicker and more efficiently.

The proficiency of the team members in the area of their work and general enthusiasm in latest tech and research advancement brings inspiration and synergy to my work as well.