Flexible Hours Survey: Salary Considered More Important Than Flexibility

Workers in various industries have been experiencing a trend of flexible working hours lately. More and more businesses are giving their employees different scheduling options, and technology has made it easier for some people to even work from home. How many workers get to take advantage of flexible hours? And how many would like to in the future?

flexible hours

Flexible Hours

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 31% of current workers said that their work schedule is very flexible. 34% said their work schedule is somewhat flexible. 21% said their current work schedule is very flexible. And 14% said their work schedule is not flexible at all. In a September 2013 survey, just 20% of workers said they had very flexible schedules.

Job Seekers

Of those who are either currently employed or looking for work, 40% said that finding a job with flexible hours is very important to them. 41% said that having a flexible schedule is somewhat important to them when looking for a new job. Just 15% said that flexible working hours are not very important to them. And 4% said it is not important to them at all.

In fact, 15% of workers said they would definitely take a slightly lower salary in order to get a flexible work schedule. 39% said that they would consider taking a lower salary in order to get flexible hours. 32% said they would probably not take a lower salary for that purpose. And 13% said they definitely would not.

Important Factors

There are plenty of other factors to consider when looking for employment. So just where does flexible working fit in with the others? 19% of respondents said that having flexible hours is the most important factor when considering a new job. And 26% ranked it as the second most important factor. Salary was the only factor ranked higher than flexible hours in terms of importance. Time off and other benefits were also ranked as somewhat important. Co-workers and quality of worked were ranked as slightly less important. And overall environment was ranked as the least important factor.

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Results were collected on July 30 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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