Google Robots Survey: Vast Majority Expect to See Google Robots Soon

Google recently acquired a number of robotics companies, including one major supplier of military robots. Though the company has not released details about what it plans to do with its new acquisitions or what kind of projects it has in store, it does have many people wondering about the possibilities. How many expect robotics projects from Google in the near future? And how many actually want to see such projects?

google robots

Google Opinions

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 33% of respondents said they have a very positive opinion of Google as a company. 38% said they have a somewhat positive opinion of Google. 8% have a somewhat negative opinion of Google. Just 4% said they have a very negative opinion of Google. And 18% were neutral or had no opinion.

As for Google’s latest venture, 22% said they have a more positive opinion of Google now that they seem to be getting into robotics. 19% said their opinion of Google has become more negative because of the robotics news. And 60% said their opinion of Google has not changed.

Google Robots

If there’s one thing people can expect from Google, it’s innovation and completely new tech ventures. 45% of respondents think it is very likely that Google will release some kind of robotics device within the next 10 years. 43% think it would be somewhat likely to see Google release robotics in that time period. 8% think this would be somewhat unlikely. And just 5% think it is very unlikely.

Consumer Preference

So the vast majority of people think it will happen, whether they want it to or not. So are they actually interested? Just 19% of respondents said they would definitely like to see Google release some kind of robotics device within the next 10 years. 46% said they would probably be interested in such a venture. 24% said they would probably not be interested. And 11% said they would definitely not like to see Google get into robotics in the near future.

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Photo Credit: Google Droid Robots at Creative Sandbox from Flickr

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Results were collected on December 17 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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