Halloween 2019 Is Creeping Up on Us: Witch Costume Will You Be Wearing?

Mix one part spider webs, one part candy corn, one red clown nose, and two parts goblin eyes — it is time to cook up some Halloween fun and enjoy some Halloween puns. What is inside AYTM’s data cauldron? Well, all the information you ever wanted to know about who you might see ringing your doorbell on October 31st. We surveyed 1,000 US adults who plan on dressing in costume to find out who will be haunting the graveyards and stalking the streets. Will they be sewing up their devilish gear themselves? Are they dressing up their hellhounds? Are clown costumes on the way out? Read on if you dare.

If You’ve Got It, Haunt It!

Halloween is a time for adults to let their inner child out of its dungeon to play dress up. Everyone we surveyed plans to wear a costume this Halloween. 83% of respondents have one costume in mind, while the other 17% have multiple costumes (perhaps to satisfy both their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). 69% are planning a costume that stands on its own, while 18% will be part of a couples costume (e.g., Sonny & Cher, peanut butter & jelly, etc.), and 13% will be part of a group costume (e.g., Avengers, Addams Family, etc.).

Where will our respondents be showing off their costumes?

  • 41% – At home (to greet trick or treaters)
  • 39% – Halloween party at a friend’s house
  • 37% – Trick or treating in their neighborhood
  • 23% – Halloween event at a public place (e.g., zoo, amusement park, etc.)
  • 22% – At work
  • 20% – Halloween party at their home
  • 13% – Restaurant/bar
  • 9% – Halloween parade
  • 8% – Dance club
  • 2% – Halloween run/5K
  • 3% – Other

Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About

And now we get to the meat (or treat) of the matter – what are the devilishly hot costumes this year. According to the annual survey published by Lyst, the top pop culture inspired costumes include Lizzo, characters from Little Women, Karl Lagerfeld, the genie from Aladdin, and Elton John. 

Our respondents had some other ideas about what they would be dressing up as this year.

Respondent %Costume
Popular Write-in Responses
13%MovieHarry Potter, Star Wars
10%Animated movie Frozen, Moana, Toy Story
8%AnimalCat, Dog, Unicorn
7%TV showBreaking Bad, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead
6%Comic bookDeadpool, Superman, Wonder Woman
6%Video gameFortnite, Pokémon, Super Mario
4%Character from a bookHarry Potter, The Wizard of Oz
4%FoodBanana, Pizza, Taco
3%CelebrityKim Kardashian
3%Historical figureFrida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman
3%PoliticianBarack Obama, Donald Trump
2%SingerCardi B, Michael Jackson
2%AthleteHockey Player
29%OtherMermaid, Witch

When asked to describe their costume, respondents chose the following adjectives: cute (33%), creative (28%), funny (22%), sexy (20%), scary (15%), nerdy (13%), classy/sophisticated (12%), weird (9%), and other (6%).

Trick or Treat Yourself

Creating Halloween costumes brings out the “crafty” in all of us. 33% of our respondents plan to DIY their costume, 34% plan to purchase their costume, 5% will be renting, 25% will combine purchase and DIY to make their costume, and 1% will be renting combined with DIY. These stats are quite similar to AYTM’s 2018 survey where 39% were planning to DIY, 31% purchasing, and 3% renting. Many costumes will include the following:

  • 33% – Wig
  • 31% – Special effects makeup
  • 25% – Hat
  • 23% – Mask
  • 16% – Hair dye
  • 12% – Contact Lenses/glasses
  • 24% – None of the above

Getting the perfect look takes time. How much time? 29% will spend less than an hour, 35% will spend 1-2 hours, 18% are setting aside 2-3 hours, and 18% will take more than 3 hours to get ghouled up. And how much will people be spending on their costumes? The majority, 58%, will pay between $11 and $50 to look fab-BOO-lous. If you still haven’t purchased your costume, check out Amazon’s Halloween shop for one-stop shopping.

Creepin’ It Real

Along with dressing in costume, respondents plan to take part in other traditional Halloween activities such as giving out candy to trick or treaters (64%), decorating the outside of their home (53%), decorating the inside of their home (52%), and going trick or treating (43%). Halloween fun isn’t just for humans. 15% of respondents plan to dress up their dog and 7% will be dressing up their cat. Popular dog costumes include: pumpkin, hot dog, shark, cow, and bumblebee. Popular cat costumes include: witch, bat, shark, and pumpkin.

Witch, Please!

Costume trends change with the times and we always like to find out which of the usual suspects our respondents are tired of seeing. Here are the top five costumes people don’t want to see from recent years. Poor clowns, nobody wants them around.

1. Clown
2. Zombie
3. Witch
4. Ghost
5. Athlete
1. Clown
2. Zombie
3. Ghost
4. Witch
1. Athlete
2. Clown
3. Cat
4. Ghost
5. Pumpkin

The Epitaph

Here lies the results of AYTM’s 2019 Halloween Survey. It was a good survey, filled with information about popular costumes for people, dogs, and cats. It was a helpful survey, giving information on tiresome costumes to avoid. It was an informative survey, sharing figures on time and money spent on costumes. We are all better for having known this survey. Happy Halloween!!!

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Allie Smith is the former Director of Charts for eMarketer with over 15 years of experience in the world of market research. Her love for charts and graphs is only outweighed by her love for her whippets. She spends her free time watching Law & Order reruns while knitting cute hats for dogs.