Halloween Survey: Americans Celebrate in Different Ways

Halloween in America is a time for costumes, ghost stories, and lots and lots of candy. But in recent years, some Halloween activities seem to have slowed due to safety concerns. Do Americans still celebrate the holiday as much as usual?


How Many

There are many different ways to celebrate Halloween, from kids’ activities to parties, to haunted houses and so much more. But in Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 36% of respondents said they do not celebrate Halloween at all, and the remaining 64% do.

How They Celebrate

The most common way to celebrate Halloween is by passing out candy to trick or treaters, which 65.6% of respondents said they do on Halloween. 44.5% go trick or treating with their kids, 47.3% carve pumpkins, 41.4% wear costumes, 35.2% host or attend parties, and 23.4% go to haunted houses or similar attractions.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating is one activity that has worried parents in recent years. But of the 26.2% of respondents who have kids under 12, 89.6% do still allow them to go trick or treating, even though 70% of parents have safety concerns about it.

Regardless of safety concerns, many Americans still make a point to celebrate Halloweens. Will it continue to be one of the prominent holidays for spooky celebrations, or is it slowly losing popularity among parents?

Photo Credit: Trick or Treating from Flickr

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