Health and Fitness Survey: Workplace Initiatives Could Improve Productivity

Today is National Employee Health and Fitness Day, a holiday meant to encourage workplaces around the country to consider the health and fitness of their workers. Some businesses have gone as far as to offer gyms or gym memberships to employees so that they have the opportunity to exercise regularly. How many employees have experienced these health initiatives and how many think they would be beneficial?

health and fitness

Health and Fitness

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 56% of respondents said they generally consider themselves to be healthy. 51% said they have a diet that’s at least somewhat healthy. And 46% said they exercise regularly. Overall, 82% agree that having a healthy diet is important. And 78% think that fitness is important.

Employee Health

When it comes to workplaces, 44% of employees said that their workplace generally encourages good health and fitness for workers. However, just 27% said that their workplace provides a gym, gym membership or similar health initiatives for employees. Doing so could certainly be appreciated though – 40% of workers think that all businesses should have to provide gyms or gym memberships for their workers.

Business Benefits

Providing a place or opportunity for employees to improve their health and fitness might not seem like a top priority for businesses. But it could certainly have a positive impact both on employees and businesses. 54% of workers said that having access to a gym through their workplace would improve their overall health. And 57% said that having access to a gym through their workplace would improve their happiness and productivity at work.

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Results were collected on May 18 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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