Health Food Survey: Nearly All Think Healthy Food Costs More

Americans are increasingly concerned with health issues. But while there are seemingly more health food options available today, there are also plenty of stores and restaurants that are increasing portion sizes and adding unhealthy ingredients. And many of these options are less expensive than their healthy counterparts. So what do Americans think about their current healthy food options? And how many are even interested in health food?

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Eating Habits

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 12% of respondents said they consider their eating habits to be very healthy. 61% said they have somewhat healthy eating habits. 22% said they have somewhat unhealthy eating habits. And 6% of respondents said they have very unhealthy eating habits.

In general, just 39% of respondents said that they are satisfied with their current eating habits. 47% of respondents said they would like to eat healthier. And 14% said that they are currently taking steps to try and eat healthier.

Food Options

In order for people to eat healthier, they need access to healthy food options. However, just 23% of respondents said they are very satisfied with the amount of healthy food options available to them. 54% said they are somewhat satisfied with the amount of healthy food options they have access to. 18% said they are somewhat unsatisfied with their healthy food options. And 6% said they are very unsatisfied with their healthy food options.

Health Food

Part of the problem with accessing healthy food options can sometimes have to do with its price. 48% of respondents said they think healthy food is always more expensive than unhealthy food. 44% said they notice healthy options costing more than unhealthy options sometimes. 6% said they rarely notice this. And just 2% said they don’t think healthy food ever costs more than unhealthy food.

And those prices do deter some people from eating healthy. Just 15% of respondents said they are always willing to pay more to eat healthy food. 55% said they will sometimes pay extra for healthy food. 22% said they rarely pay extra to eat healthy food. And 9% said they never do.

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Results were collected on September 3 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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