Holiday Travel Trends 2017

Holiday travel has forever been depicted as hectic, with families and friends running through airports and scrambling to pack bags.

Since holiday travel is universally known to be a bit of an insane time of year, AYTM dove into preparation plans for this travel season.

The Planner vs The Procrastinator

Although, it may seem some procrastinate until the last minute to plan their holiday travel, 49% plan their travel a month in advance. Some (26%) even plan up to 6 months advance in preparation of the busy season.  

Time to Get Out of Town

With 87% of respondents planning to travel to visit their family and friends this holiday season,  11% will be going on vacation and less than 2% will be traveling for business.


When ‘dashing through the snow’ may mean running to catch a cab to get to the airport on time, it is no surprise that  45% vacationers are choosing to go somewhere tropical this season . Whereas 28% are choosing to travel outside of their country.



Crashing with Aunt Muriel

An overwhelming percentage of travelers this season have plans to crash with their relatives (56%), whereas others will be staying at hotels (28%). Many do value the importance of quality time, with plans to go to the movies (40%), play board or card games (60%), and watch old holiday favorites (57%).



Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You won’t see many flocking to the airports this holiday season compared to previous years. Personal vehicles (64%) are more favorable than all other transportation. Respondents also report, on average, they will not be traveling alone but rather with 2-4 companions (74%).


Don’t Forget About the Pets

With pets now becoming the ultimate companion for travel and home life, we found that  65% our respondents have pets. Of all the fellow holiday travelers out there, 32% will be bringing their travel companion with them, while 68% will not. Of the 68% – 43%, plan to hire a pet sitter while 19% will be placing their pets in boarding.  

The other 37% will be leaving their pets with roommates, family or friends as they only plan on traveling a short distance for the day.

The Takeaway

While holidays and travel alone can be stressful, it seems many are expecting to lessen their stress by using their personal vehicles instead of renting cars or traveling by air. Others have used this season as a means to take a much needed vacation or spend quality time with family and friends. However you choose to spend the season, AYTM wishes you Happy Holidays.

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