Home Shopping Survey: More Prefer Shopping From Home Than In Stores

Like with many things, technology is changing the way Americans shop. Particularly during the holiday season, many companies are noticing a shift in these types of habits. It used to be that those who wanted to shop from home had to order from catalogs or home shopping networks, but now online stores have had a big impact on those industries. How many Americans prefer to shop from home, and what avenues do they take to do so?

home shopping

Home Shopping

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 88% of respondents said that they regularly shop online. 15% said that they shop from catalogs or mail order. 9% said that they order items by phone. And 2% said they shop from home in other ways like from door-to-door salesman or mobile apps. Just 8% of respondents said that they never shop from home.

TV Influence

5% of shoppers said that they often make purchases from home shopping channels like HSN or QVC. 15% said that they order from these channels sometimes. And 18% said that they have made these types of purchases just once at some point.

But even those who don’t order directly from home can still be influenced by these types of media. 10% said that they have purchased many products specifically because they saw it on a TV commercial or infomercial. 46% said that they have purchased at least one product at some point specifically because they saw it on TV. And 44% said they’ve never purchased a product because of a TV spot.

Shopping Preference

Overall, 42% of consumers said that they prefer shopping from home rather than in stores. Just 26% said that they prefer shopping in stores to shopping from home. And 33% said they have no preference. Those who said they prefer shopping from home were 7% more likely to say they shop online, but not any more likely to shop via phone or mail order.

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Photo Credit: German QVC from Flickr

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Results were collected on December 6 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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