How to create a video ad in a few days

Check out our latest ad, featuring playful graphics created in FiftyThree‘s Paper app, music from PremiumBeat, and animations in TechSmith‘s Camtasia! We took the ad from storyboard concepts to completed video within a matter of days, and kept it 100% in-house.

Here’s the recipe:

Tuesday: In a marketing scrum, come up with an idea for what we want to communicate.

Write a script.

Collaborate on it using Google Docs.

Wednesday: Record a test voiceover in Camtasia to time it and check how it sounds.

Cut the script by 25% to allow for a more relaxed tone and yet fit within 30 seconds.

Thursday: Record a clean MP3 file with voiceover.

Draw a storyboard (marking camera moves, needed illustrations, screencasts, etc.).

Discuss and adjust to incorporate everything we want to show.

Friday: draw the illustrations using an iPad,the Paper app, and the accompanying Pencil stylus. (This is so much more fun than using clip art or stock photos.)

Record screen capture to showcase some of the platform’s bells and whistles.

Combine all elements in Camtasia and set up animation.

Add three possible background music clips from the Camtasia music library as well as

Saturday: produce test clips and choose the best (or run a survey to find out).

Monday: share result with your entire team and friends.

Publish. 🙂


Ingredients include:

– a few hours of your time

– FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus ($59.95)

– FiftyThree’s Paper app (free)

– PremiumBeat background music ($39.99)

– Camtasia ($299)

Gotta love the power of DIY, huh?


At AYTM, we harness the latest and greatest innovations in technology to deliver strong results fast, and we’re thrilled that Paper, PremiumBeat, and Camtasia enabled us to bring this same philosophy to our marketing!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lev Mazin, Co-founder & CEO
Lev is the CEO and Co-founder of - Ask Your Target Market, the leading innovator in DIY online market research. Having a graphic design background, Lev is an expert in UI/UX with over 15 years of experience. Prior to AYTM, Lev worked with such clients as Oracle, Tiffany & Co, Maserati, Harry Winston, Whole Foods Market, and Jamba Juice helping them build their brands and multimedia/web applications.