IIeX NA 2016: The evolution of research

Whether you’re attending our talk at IIeX NA 2016, or you simply want to know what’s on the cutting edge of research today, we’re happy to help you with your insight needs—after all, our market research peers voted us as one of the top 50 market research companies in the world in the latest GRIT report, and thought leader Lenny Murphy has called us the “best in the industry.” GreenBook chose us to host the latest industry-wide GRIT study, and we’ll also be hosting the latest GRIT panel recruitment.

If you’re new to AYTM, or only have a vague sense of what we do, we recommend you begin by watching this three-minute overview of how we help you deliver powerful, quality insights fast.

AYTM Overview (2:55)


We also have a downloadable PDF deck you can show to your team:

AYTM: The Evolution of Research

The Evolution of Research deck


Check out our automated analysis for this streaming video service study using the widget below. You can also click through to the original stats page, and even download the raw data for a more in-depth look.

Streaming Video Service Study


You’re also welcome to check out our automated persona platform, Personality Radar, that you can include with nearly any study you run on our platform. Create powerful, relevant buyer personas in minutes, without the cluttered spreadsheets or extraneous data you’ll find from other research providers.

Personality Radar: Streaming Video Service Study Streaming Video Services – Personality Radar


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us at [email protected], or call 415-364-8601—we look forward to speaking with you!