In-App Purchases Survey: Few Have Made Unintentional App Purchases

Amazon is currently facing some legal issues due to in-app purchases made through apps from the company’s app store. Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular, as are in-app purchases. People can make these purchases either from retailers that sell actual goods or for games and similar apps that require credits or other digital goods. The FTC has said that Amazon made it too easy for people to make these purchases without realizing or properly authorizing them. How big of an issue is this for mobile device owners?

in app purchases

App Purchases

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 35% of respondents said they currently own one mobile device that supports apps. Another 31% said they own multiple mobile devices that support apps. And 34% said they don’t own any.

But not all mobile apps need to be purchased. There are plenty of free options available, so consumers can choose whether or not to spend any money on apps. In fact, 42% of respondents said they’ve never paid for any apps. 39% said they’ve paid for just one or two apps. And 19% said they’ve bought many apps.

In-App Purchases

So once users have either purchased apps or downloaded free ones, they can sometimes make purchases within the apps themselves. These can be for tangible goods or digital ones. In general, 19% of respondents said they’ve made these in-app purchases many times. 30% said they’ve made in-app purchases once or twice. And 51% said they have never intentionally made in-app purchases.

44% of those who have made in-app purchases said they bought tangible goods. And 73% said they’ve bought digital goods like points or credits for game apps.

Unnecessary Purchases

So how big of a problem can unintentional in-app purchases be? 6% of mobile users said they (or someone using their device) have made many in-app purchases without realizing or authorizing the purchases. 18% said they’ve made unintentional in-app purchases once or twice. And 75% said they’ve never done this.

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Results were collected on July 15 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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