Instagram Video Survey: New Feature Interests Some Users

Popular photo sharing app Instagram recently announced a change that allows users to upload videos that are up to a minute long, rather than the previous 15-second limit. The change comes as a welcome one to fans of more traditional online video platforms. But others may prefer the brevity of the previous limit. So what do people think about the new Instagram video options? And how might it impact users?

instagram video

Instagram Users

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 29% of respondents said that they currently have an Instagram account. Of those respondents, 27% said they post at least once a day. 16% post at least once a week. 11% post a few times per month. 27% said they rarely ever post to Instagram. And 18% never do. More specifically, 54% of Instagram users said they never post videos to the platform.

However, 14% said that they always watch videos that come across their Instagram feeds. 21% watch them most of the time. 24% said they watch about half the time. 25% rarely watch Instagram videos. 3% never do. And 14% said they never see video content on their feed at all. Of those who watch video content on Instagram, 19% often watch content from brands. And 30% watch Instagram videos from brands sometimes. Nike was named the most popular brand that posts video content on Instagram.

Instagram Video

Now that videos can be up to 60 seconds long, 32% said they are likely to watch Instagram video content more often. 40% said they are unlikely to watch video content more often now. And 28% are neutral or undecided. In addition, 27% said they are likely to post more video content to Instagram thanks to the increased length of videos. 48% said they are unlikely to do so. And 25% are neutral or undecided.

Video Viewers

Of those who do not currently use Instagram, just 9% said that they would be likely to sign up for the platform now that you can use it to watch and post longer videos. Just 1% of those respondents said that they often post video content to other social networking platforms. 16% do so sometimes. 25% rarely post videos online. And 58% never do.

However, it seems that many of those respondents are more interested in watching video content than they are in posting their own. 14% said they often watch videos on other social networking sites. 40% watch other video content sometimes. 23% rarely do. And 24% said they never do.

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Results were collected on April 5 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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