Internet Use Survey: Vast Majority Spend At Least Five Hours Online Per Day

Americans are becoming increasingly connected to the internet, through both personal computers and a number of different mobile devices. How many hours per day do Americans spend online? And in what situations do they insist on staying connected?

internet use

Constant Connection

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 22% of Americans said they spend more than 10 hours per day connected to the internet on average. 14% said they usually spend about 8 to 10 hours online. 36% said they spend an average of 5 to 7 hours online. 26% said they spend about 2 to 4 hours online per day. And just 3% said they spend an hour or less online per day.

Internet Use

There are a lot of different reasons people stay connected. 36% of respondents said that they use the internet for strictly personal reasons. 21% said they mostly use it for personal reasons. 23% said they use it for half personal reasons and half work reasons. 12% said they use the internet mainly for work reasons. And just 8% said they only use the internet for work reasons.


Because of how easy it is to access the internet from almost anywhere, more and more Americans are staying connected during activities that are not traditionally associated with internet use. 65% of respondents said they have used the internet while on vacation. 18% said they have used it while hosting guests. 16% have done so while out to dinner. 15% said they’ve used the internet at parties. And 7% said they’ve used the internet while at the movies.

But even though most people have used the internet while on vacation, 35% said they could definitely disconnect from the internet for an entire week while on vacation. Another 31% said they could probably disconnect for a week. 21% said they probably couldn’t. And 14% said they definitely couldn’t disconnect for a weeklong vacation.

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Results were collected on May 14 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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